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September 24, 2017

Bridal Beauty - Cristi MIller - Houppette

Despite the impending weather, as she emerges from the side door, Cristi’s smile has a light all its own. It’s not surprising; today is her wedding day, and after a lengthy journey through valleys of loss and sorrow, she has found happiness, love, and peace with the kindest and most caring man, and a new sense of herself in the process.

Houppette has worked on a great number of weddings, and endeavors to reveal each bride’s inner beauty, ensuring that she appears as the very best version of herself on her big day. “It’s never all that challenging,” says Lizzie, co-owner of Houppette. “Wedding days are the happiest, and a bride’s excitement truly comes through on its own. We just add the finishing touches.
Bridal Beauty - Cristi MIller - Houppette

Cristi’s wedding was no exception. As a bride, she truly glowed with happiness from the inside out. Six months shy of turning 50, and after experiencing both great love and loss, Cristi says that being a bride this time has different meaning than when she was in her 20’s.

“My priorities are a little different now,” she reveals. “I am so happy and grateful to have found Scott, and to have my dearest friends and family here to celebrate. I feel like I understand with greater depth the significance of coming together on this special day—and I also need more under eye concealer than I did the first time around.”


Concealer aside, Lizzie says it was not a challenge to make Cristi beautiful for the big day. “She’s gorgeous, obviously, but as with all brides, I consulted with her about what she would like to emphasize and anything she was concerned about. We went with a bronze smoky eye to add a little Houppette Girl glam to her boho-chic bridal look.”

Bridal Beauty - Cristi MIller - Houppette

Cristi also says that she paid particular attention to her skincare regimen in the days and weeks leading up to her late summer nuptials. “One of my secret weapons is Natura Bisse’s GlycoExtreme Peel. Twice a week, it’s like a spa facial at home—minimizes fine lines, really gets the skin glowing.” She also made sure to stay well hydrated (essential for fabulous skin at any age), and didn’t skimp on moisturizer or sunscreen.

“If a bride wants to ensure her skin is in fabulous shape, starting sooner rather than later is key, and using quality products suited for your skin type matters,” says Lizzie. She recommends a regimen that includes a gentle cleanser, antioxidant serum, hydrating serum, moisturizer, sunscreen, and two-to-three-times weekly exfoliation.

Lizzie adds, “It can sound overwhelming at first, but I encourage brides—well, everyone, actually—to assess what’s realistic for them in terms of a daily routine, and their skin goals, and then go from there. After all, you have to use the products consistently to see good results.”

Bridal Beauty - Cristi MIller - Houppette

“Good skincare and quality cosmetics are essential to any effective beauty routine,” adds Cristi, “But one thing I have emphasized since day one at Houppette, and something that’s taken on even more meaning for me as I approach 50, is that beauty is truly an ‘inside job,’ as they say. Kindness, self-confidence, and integrity add a sparkle to the eye and a glow to the complexion that you can’t buy.”

As the ceremony draws nearer, Cristi and her dearest girlfriends toasted hearty congratulations, acknowledging the meaningfulness of such a day—clouds, drizzle, and all. Cristi truly beams, the lace overlay at the hem of her dress whispering on the wood floor as she sips the last bit of her champagne. She smiles, “Lizzie, let everyone know that it’ll be time in just a few minutes.”
Bridal Beauty - Cristi MIller - Houppette

The white tent glows from above, the warm light softly bathing the guests seated below. Everyone turns as Cristi and her brother approach from the back, taking slow steps toward Cristi’s exultant husband-to-be. Her hair half back in soft curls, her beautiful makeup, and her stunning dress, Cristi truly looks the picture of the happiest bride.

And as it happens, mere moments earlier, the wind blew the clouds into the distance, and a pink sun began to sink softly over the hills. The sky, clear and colorful, seemed to affirm the love Cristi and Scott have found; some of the most beautiful skies are found in the wake of storms.


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Bridal Beauty - Cristi MIller - Houppette
Photos by Heather Schaen Photography.


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