rouge bunny rouge

May 16, 2016

Rouge Bunny Rouge


“With indulgent textures tied with wistful tones, each fragment is created to enhance natural beauty, allowing you to become the protagonist in your own mysterious tale.” – Alexandra De Montfort, Founder & Creative Director of Rouge Bunny Rouge (Available in Kennett Square only)



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throwback beauty: elizabeth banks

May 12, 2016

Elizabeth Banks Throwback Beauty

This week, in honor of the Willowdale Steeplechase, we throw it back to Elizabeth Banks in Seabiscuit. Steal her vibrant lip color with this Frenetic Vermilion Terry lipstick (available in both store locations).

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by terry suncruise collection

May 8, 2016

By Terry Suncruise Collection

From sunkissed palettes and pops of color to impressively waterproof eyeliners and lush bronze serums, this collection screams “I’M READY FOR SUMMER!”


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