makeup tip: vampy fall lips

September 24, 2013

vampy fall lips


It’s time to put your brightly colored lipsticks away. Fall is all about dark lips in deep wine and berry colors! The best way to pull off this look is to keep the rest of your makeup simple and neutral. Don’t overdo it by wearing dark eyeshadow or thick eyeliner. P.S. This is not a look you wear when you’re going to be eating. You don’t want your lipstick going all over the place.

1. Start with a lip liner that is in the same color family as your lipstick (we recommend Red Chocolate by Laura Mercier.) and line your lips.
2. Using the liner, color in your lips. This will keep your lipstick on longer.
3. Apply your lipstick. (We recommend Divine Wine by Too Faced.)
4. Using a small brush, apply foundation powder along the outside of the lip line. This keeps everything in tact.
5. The final step is to make sure you don’t get any lipstick on your teeth. Put your finger into your mouth, form an “O” around your finger and gently slide your finger out. This removes any excess lipstick that could potentially show up on your teeth.
6. Later, when you need to freshen up, re-apply lipstick to the middle of your lips.


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