makeup tip: finding the BEST lip color

June 12, 2013

makeup tip

Your ideal lip color will have undertones that flatter your skin. If you want to play it safe, choose a color that’s only a shade or two lighter or darker than your natural lip color. Something to remember; if your teeth have a yellowish tint, choose lip colors with blue undertones. They will brighten your teeth! Colors like coral and orange will make your teeth look more yellow.


For fair skin:
– You want to avoid rich shades that will look too severe against your skin. (Ex. bright pink & dark mocha)
– Try light pinks and nudes.


For medium skin:
– You want to avoid nudes because they are too close to your skin color.
– Try reds and pinks.


For dark skin:
– You want to avoid oranges because they bring out yellow undertones, making your skin look drab.
– Try browns and purples.



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