Helen Kaminski Trunk Show on Thursday

April 17, 2013

Houppette’s Annual Helen Kaminski Trunk Show is Thursday, April 18!
Exclusive styles available for one day only!


helen kaminski
Visit the trunk show and pick up your most important Point to Point accessory:
a fabulous hat! Don’t forget to purchase your Point to Point tickets!
Available at Houppette through May 1st.


We were recently chatting with Jill Abbott, Point to Point Race Director, about the event and its special place in the community. Her words were so beautiful, we wanted to share them!

“Traditions come in many forms.  One ritual that’s near and dear to my heart is Winterthur Point-to-Point.  This will be my 15th year as a person behind-the-scenes making it come together.  This is my labor of love.  When I really need to think and want to be alone, I head for the hills of Point-to-Point.  I am a visual person, so this place is perfect on so many levels.  It’s where I do some of my best thinking.  It is one of the highest points in Delaware and you can see for miles.  Sometimes I drive up in my golf cart and feel the winds race thru me and it is exhilarating.  Other times it is so calm, like the calm before the storm.  It is always picturesque any time of the year.  It is a vantage point that most don’t ever get to appreciate.

The unspoiled land before all the horses, trailers, hats, sundresses, khakis, navy blazers and bowties, festival tents, activities, cars and the like descend on the grounds on May 5.  It gives me perspective and allows me to visually see what will be in front of me in a short time.  But it is a place I also go when I want to think about other things, not just Point-to-Point.  It makes me realize that I am but a small part of such a larger place out there, it keeps me real and grounded.  So when you get your gorgeous outfit with hat on, hair and make-up just right, scrumptious tailgate feast packed with cool quenching beverages and you are parked on the top of the hill May 5, look out to the beautiful land around you and remember that this view will be different tomorrow, but it will always be there for you to come back and enjoy.”

Thank you, Jill!


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