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makeup tip: applying bronzer

January 30, 2015

makeup tip: bronzer

This time of year we all need a little extra bronzer to compensate for the lack of sun. Here are some tips on applying bronzer…

When you choose a bronzer, pick a shade the complements your skin’s natural tones. If you have an olive or golden complexion, choose a more golden-hued bronzer. If you are rosy, choose a bronzer with a bit of warmth or pink to it. I recommend wearing blush in conjunction with bronzer, as it tends to look a bit more natural than one without the other.


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makeup tip: bottom lashes

January 25, 2015

makeup tip_bottom lashes

“The trick to applying mascara on bottom lashes is to hold the mascara wand perpendicular to the eye lashes, and brush side to side barely touching the lashes. If the mascara tube is newer, sometimes blotting the want with a tissue before applying helps prevent clumping.” – Lizzie Johnson, Manager of Houppette

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makeup tip: contour brush

September 29, 2014

makeup tip: contouring

Contouring is an important part of makeup. It slims your face while adding dimension, structure and warmth. For an easier, faster way to contour (especially in the morning), Gabby recommends using Kevyn Aucoin’s Fan Brush with his Sculpting Powder. The Fan Brush allows you to control the placement and makes it so your less likely to apply too much powder. Gabby love’s Kevyn Aucoin’s Scupting Powder because it doesn’t have an orange tone. “It looks more like a shadow when you contour.”


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makeup tip: natural eyebrows

September 23, 2014

makeup tip: eyebrows

To get a more natural look, use the groomer on your brow brush to push eyebrow hair down. This lets you see the natural line of your brow before you fill them in.



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makeup tip: foundation

July 16, 2014

foundation tip

Instead of testing the foundation on the back of your hand, test it on your cheek or neck. This will give you a more accurate idea of the color and whether or not it matches your skin.

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