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New Year’s Eve Makeup Inspiration

December 28, 2016

New Year.s Eve Inspiration

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makeup muse: amy adams

November 16, 2016

makeup muse | houppette
Our makeup muse this week is actress Amy Adams. Elegance is the name of the game for this beauty. She has the perfect balance of her glowing skin and a glossy lip to play up her look.

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this week’s trend: grey nail polish

October 26, 2016

grey nail polish | houppette

For this week’s trend, we’re focusing on different shades of grey nail polish. The best thing about grey is that you can warm up the color or cool it off. Go for a dark, graphite shade or a lighter silver shade. The versatile color is perfect for anyone and goes with just about anything as well.

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this week’s trend: metallic eyes

October 19, 2016

metallic-eye-trend | houppette

This week’s trend is metallic eyes. Whether you go all out and have your whole lid shimmering in metallics, or you try just a metallic liner, this trend is all the rave this fall.


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this week’s trend: classic red lip

October 12, 2016

classic red lip | houppette

This week’s trend is a timeless and classic red lip. This look has proven again and again to be the epitome of sophistication and elegance¬†while leaving¬†a hint of simplicity.


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