beauty advice from mom

April 29, 2016

mother's day - houppette

In honor of Mother’s Day approaching, a few ladies from Houppette shared beauty advice they received from their moms.

“I remember being told that girls should be more than a pretty face, that how you treat others and your actions are what make you truly beautiful… beauty comes from within…although I LOVE my makeup, I do live by that philosophy.” – Cristi

“Never forget to put on a little blush!” – Lizzie

“The tip that my mom told me was to not over pluck my eyebrows!” – Lydia

“My mom always said a smile was the best way to look and feel beautiful! Also, a little lipstick doesn’t hurt!” – Andria

“Mom always stressed the importance of clean skin & sunscreen….and always strived for a classic look. Always tried to steer me away from passing fads and trends.” – Hearher

“My mom always stressed the importance of taking your makeup off at the end of the day! Radiant skin starts with taking care of it.” – Alexx



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